At the Market
1936 - 1937

Sychkov's mature works date from the 30s and represent some of his best paintings. This picture shows a collective farm market and there is a strong emphasis on colour, positivity and enthusiasm.

Sychkov became a successful portraitist. The girl laughs coquettishly wearing traditional Russian dress. The central female sitter is possibly Mordovian and Sychkov felt a strong loyalty to his local region and


Oil on canvas


100cm x 122cm

Fedot Sychkov
1870 - 1958

Fedot Vasiliyevich Sychkov is a Russian artist, who has specialised in landscape and genre painting. In 1892, he was accepted into the Drawing School of the St Petersburg Society for the Benefit of Artists. Between 1885 and 1900 he was a pupil at the Academy of Arts and also had private instruction from Ilya Repin before reaching the official status of “artist” in 1900. From 1905 he took part in annual exhibitions at the Academy of Arts, St Petersburg Artists Society and later at numerous exhibitions around the Soviet Union. His works are in the collections of the State Russian Museum, the S.D Erzia’s Mordovia State Museum of Fine Art, as well as private collectors.