Naive melodies
1989 - 1990

​The present work is a mature work. The emotional dynamic is resolutely positive and shows a rapt audience of peasants listening to the folk melodies of a solo violinist.

After the horrors of war and the repression of Stalin's regime, this style of colourful composition came into vogue during the 'Thaw'. These compositions clearly served as a means for Masik to come to terms with the trauma of his experiences during the war and as a technique to re-connect with the simple humanity of the Russians who lived their simple lives in the countryside.


Oil on canvas


150cm x 180cm

Vladimir Masik
1917 - 1996

​Masik was apprenticed as a young man in a locomotive building factory. Whilst he worked here he joined an art studio at the Railway Workers' Club. Masik served in WWII and was severely wounded. He painted a number of sketches of military hospitals as well as some works from the Front Line.