RUSSIAN ART & CULTURE: ART RUSSE Releases Book on Russian-American Artist Nikolai Fechin

ART RUSSE is pleased to present Fechin, a book about Nicolai Fechin (1881 – 1955), one of the brightest artists of the first half of the XXth century, carefully compiled by Galina Toulouzakova. Published by Unicorn Press Ltd. in English and French, the book is the most complete review of the celebrated Russian-American artist’s legacy. Fechin is the second book in ART RUSSE’s book series aimed at promoting awareness and understanding of Russian art among international audiences.

The book’s publication coincides with the 133rd anniversary of Fechin’s birth in Kazan. To mark the event, the book was presented in the Khazine National Gallery, a branch of the Tatarstan State Museum of Art which has Russia’s largest collection of Nicolai Fechin’s art works.

The most prominent alumnus of the Kazan Art School, Nicolai Fechin developed a unique artistic style, merging several different early XXth century styles together. After his emigration to the United States in the 1920s, his works became part of world culture. His art demonstrates great skill in academic drawing, realistic painting in the tradition of Peredvizhniks, and influences of impressionism and expressionism.

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