ART RUSSE Collection Appears Alongside Royal Mail Stamps

London – Art Russe’s collection of Russian art is featured in a unique block of postage stamps published by London-based Unicorn Press Ltd.

The customised stamp block is an individual landscape sheet of twenty First Class Royal Mail stamps with pictures of paintings and sculptures from Art Russe’s collection. The design of this block is based on works that were displayed at the first UK exhibition dedicated to providing an insight into the portrayal of World War II and its legacy in Russian art (Saatchi Gallery, March 13 – April 10, 2015).

The sheet’s background is based on Mai Dantsig’s monumental painting “And the World Remembers the Saviour”. The sheet presents scaled down versions and elements of Vera Mukhina’s “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman” and Evgeny Vutetich’s “The Motherland Calls”, Alexander Laktionov’s “Letter from the Front”, Igor Obrosov’s “Wartime Moscow 1941”, Ivan Penteshin’s “The Defence of Leningrad”, Mai Dantsig’s canvas “Partisan Ballade”, Gely Korzhev’s “The Deserter” and “The Laundress”, Evsey Moiseenko’s “Freedom”, and others. In addition to artworks from the London exhibition, the stamps also feature other works from Art Russe’s collection, including “Spring in the Depo” by Viktor Popkov, Tatiana Kopnina’s “Girls”, and Nickolay Baskakov’s “Milkmaids”.

The stamp sheet is published as a limited customised edition. The self-adhesive stamps can be used as regular Royal Mail postage stamps in the United Kingdom or treasured as an item in philatelic collections.

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