The first large exhibition of Gely Korzhev’s work has opened in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow on March, 24 2016. Art Russe is the Tretyakov Gallery’s partner for this exhibition of the artist referred to as the last great Russian realist of the 20th century. Two halls will display 120 paintings and 30 graphic works spanning the master's entire career, from 1943 to 2011.

Gely Korzhev was an outstanding Russian artist. Having made a strong and bright artistic statement in the late 1950s, Korzhev became one of the leaders of his generation and remained among the most famous artists during the 1960-1980s, serving as the first secretary of the Russian Union of Artists. However, during the last decades of his life, Korzhev, who had a reputation for a strong and independent character, went into self-imposed seclusion and was almost unknown to several generations of museumgoers and art professionals. This new exhibition offers visitors an opportunity to discover the incredible world of Gely Korzhev's imagery and deepen their knowledge of art of the second half of the twentieth century.

Korzhev’s work reflects the experiences of his time and those of the whole country. His paintings are based on poignant themes: the tragedy of World War II, tectonic shifts in the social and political reality at the end of the century, disappointment and loneliness, the drama of life and fear of the unknown after its end. This exhibition presents all the main themes in the master's artistic heritage.

Art Russe founder Andrey Filatov said: “We are delighted to be involved in the exhibition of this outstanding Russian artist of the second half of the

twentieth century. It will undoubtedly prove to be a significant art project. For Art Russe, this collaboration is part of ongoing long-term cooperation with one of the best museums of Russian art, which began five years ago with the World Chess Championship Match held at the Tretyakov Gallery, and our support for the exhibition of Nikolai Fechin. We consider this project a new step in the area of increasing awareness of Russian art and reintroduction of brilliant masters of the Russian art school to wider audiences.”

Works by Gely Korzhev hold an important place in the collection of Art Russe and invariably attract attention of the audiences during Art Russe exhibitions. Today, Art Russe owns six works by the master. Three of them – The Deserter, The Laundress and The Reunion – were on display during the most recent Art Russe exhibitions: The Legacy of WWII in Russian Art in the Saatchi Gallery (London) and Art Russe Collection of Russian and Soviet Art of the 20th Century: War and Peace (Abu Dhabi), the first major exhibition of Russian and Soviet art in the Middle East.