The Filatov Family Art Fund ("the Art Fund") has expanded its collection with artworks by the Russian-American painter Nicolai Fechin, as the Fund prepares to publish a book dedicated to in-depth analysis of the artist's works. The paintings in the Fund's collection include 'Nude Figure #1' (1911) and 'Beaver Dam' (1927 - 1933).

'Nude Figure #1' (1911) depicts a nude female model posing with a string of beads. The painting was acquired by the American collector John R. Hunter shortly after Fechin's paintings were first exhibited in the United States. A decade later in 1923, the painting was included in the landmark Exhibition of Russian Painting and Sculpture at the Brooklyn Museum and in a solo exhibition of Fechin's work at the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago.

'Beaver Dam' (1927 - 1933) shows a small waterfall over a beaver's dam. The painting is from the later part of the artist's time in Taos, New Mexico and was completed just before he left for California. The gloomy pallet of autumn colours reflects the artist's depressive mood after his wife left him. Despite going through a difficult period, Fechin continued to produce great art and "Beaver Dam" reflects the mastery of colour and the perfection of impressionistic technique that defined the artist's style.

Both artworks will be included in the new book about Nicolai Fechin that will continue the series of books about Russian art published by the Art Fund. The first book in the series, Popkov: the Russian Artist of Genius by Peter Kozorezenko, was published in English in 2013 by Unicorn Press and became the first in-depth review of Viktor Popkov's artistic legacy.

Andrey Filatov, the founder of the Fund, said: "Nicolai Fechin is a very popular artist in both Russia and the United States, which was his second home. But in Europe and the UK his works are only well-known among art experts. I want to show his talent to the wider European audience and I'm delighted that we have some large Fechin masterpieces in our collection."

Nicolai Ivanovich Fechin (1881-1955) was a Russian-American painter. He is best known for his portraits, full of colour and dynamism. He is both the most prominent member of the Kazan Art School as well asand is perceived as an American painter by many in the US. Educated in Kazan and the Imperial Academy of Arts in St Petersburg, Nikolai Fechin was a disciple follower of Ilya Repin. In 1923, Fechin emigrated to the US, first settling in New York and then moving to Taos, New Mexico. The artist's life and creative work were divided between Russia and the US, with the artist developing a following in both countries.

'Nude Figure #1' (1911), Nicolai Fechin, oil on canvas, 72.4 x 66 cm.

'Beaver dam' (1927 - 1933), Nicolai Fechin, oil on canvas, 120 x 100 cm.