The Russian Chess Federation and Art Russe, have signed a partnership agreement.
Art Russe’s goal is to bring forgotten and little-known artworks from the period 1917-1991 to the attention of international audience. The Russian Chess Federation's activities are aimed at popularising chess, as well as developing chess in Russia. The cooperation between Art Russe and the RCF will pool efforts to fulfil these tasks.

The partnership between the RCF and Art Russe is a step in the ongoing programme "Chess in Museums", which was created by the RCF in 2012 and is made possible with support from the Elena & Gennady Timchenko Foundation. Over the past two years, brilliant tournaments have been held in major world cultural centres, such as the Tretyakov Gallery, the Louvre, the Russian Museum, and the Republic of Tatarstan Museum of Decorative Arts. Cooperation with Art Russe continues the program to create new ways for popularising chess by uniting cultural and intellectual aspects.

Tens of millions of people all over the world follow chess as a sport. As demonstrated by the programme "Chess in Museums", introducing chess fans to artworks can expand the audience for both art and chess. This innovative approach of covering chess tournaments has created unique opportunities to popularise Russia's cultural heritage.

New groundbreaking video broadcasts on the Internet, through a technology developed by the RCF, turn selected significant tournaments into an online art exhibition, visited by over a million spectators from all over the world. For example, the World Chess Championship hosted at the Tretyakov Gallery in 2012 significantly increased the awareness of Russian art in India. The Chess Championship of Russia in 2014, hosted at a branch of the Republic of Tatarstan Museum of Decorative Arts in the gallery of the Kazan Kremlin, has stimulated interest in artworks by Nicolai Fechin. The new agreement between the Russian Chess Federation and Art Russe will allow to develop these initiatives further and increase awareness of chess and Russian art around the world.

Mark Glukhovsky, the executive director of the RCF, says: "The synergetic effect created by the combination of chess and art is demonstrated in various ways – from the expansion of audiences to the creation of new opportunities for both chess federations and museums.. Art Russe and the RCF are determined to further develop this collaboration."