Art Russe is one of Russia’s foremost private collections of Russian and Soviet art dating mainly from 1917 to 1991. Artworks from some of the countries’ most distinguished and interesting artists are assembled in the collection that encompasses a variety of artistic periods and styles; including Socialist Realism and the `Severe Style’.

Founded in 2012, Art Russe aims at developing a greater understanding of Russian art and artists from this period among international audiences through exhibitions and the publication of books. While the artists are peers of well-known western masters, many of these collected works have rarely been seen by the public outside Russia.

It is the success of the exhibition on Viktor Popkov in London, Venice and Moscow that confirmed the appetite and genuine appreciation audiences have for these hidden artistic treasures. Over the past few years Art Russe has cooperated with some of the world’s leading museums and galleries, including The Louvre, the Tretyakov State Gallery, the Russian Museum, Frye Art Museum and the Saatchi Gallery.

Art Russe also publishes a book on one specific Russian artist every year to deepen the understanding of the Soviet and Russian artistic legacy. The annual book series was launched in 2013 with Peter Kozorezenko’s book on Viktor Popkov (1932 – 1974). In 2014, the art fund published Fechin, a book by art historian Galina Toulouzakova about Nicolai Fechin (1881 – 1955), the famous Russian-American artist.

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